Our Process


Master of Honeybee and Milkweed Pod

Our jewelry-making process is complex, delicate, and begins with Mother Nature.

We craft sterling silver jewelry using real honeybees. A local beekeeping club, whose apiary is on the grounds of the University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens supplies us with dead bees.

The first step is making the master. We dip the bees in a light liquid wax, delicately spread the wings and legs. Then, using the lost wax casting method, we create the master – an exquisite, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.


Julie DeMull (the worker bee of Worker Bee Jewelry) works with me in the shop and we create jewelry using the bodies, legs and wings of bees as the framework for our wax work. We put them on milkweed pods, nest material and other found brown objects.

Our creative objective is to capture the bees in flight or put them in natural settings.

After we make the master, a mold is made of vulcanized rubber which can be injected with wax over and over. Then those waxes are cast, and finished to a lustrous shine.

All silverwork is proudly designed and handcrafted in the state of Michigan by members of the Michigan Silversmiths Guild.

Centrifugal Casting Machine of
Lost-Wax Casting Process