Organic Bee Jewelry


Waxed queen bee
Waxed remains of a honeybee in prepartion for casting

With delicate wax work, we use the remains of real honeybees and craft beautiful sterling silver jewelry.

After dipping the bees in a light liquid wax, we delicately spread the wings and legs. Our creative objective is to capture the bees in flight or put them in natural settings.

We create the master – an exquisite, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry – using the lost wax casting method. Next, a mold of vulcanized rubber is made which can be injected with wax over and over. We cast again, and finish the pieces to a┬álustrous shine.

All silverwork is proudly performed in the state of Michigan by members of the Michigan Silversmiths Guild.

Centrifugal Casting Machine of
Lost-Wax Casting Process
Waxed bee remains ready for casting